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Find a Meeting

 Al-Anon Family Groups Meeting Schedule for District 12:

Use the menu choices on the right sidebar to find Al-Anon and Alateen meetings. 

 Meeting Descriptions:

Alateen:  An Al-Anon program for teenagers, facilitated by Alateen trained adults who are member of Al-Anon.

Newcomer Meetings:  Aimed at newcomers to make them feel welcome, usually followed by  regular meeting.

Speaker Meetings:  Meetings where relatives of friends of the alcoholic share their experience, strength and hope.

Step and Tradition Meetings:  In-depth study of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions adopted from AA, using conference approved literature.

CAL Study Group:  Focuses on studying the conference approved literature of Al-Anon.

Meditation Meeting:  A meeting focused on Step 11 or the 12 Steps.

Printable copy of "Where and When" schedule:

  July 2014 Where and When  (use legal size paper to print)

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